How to Manage Your Work and Personal Life

How to Manage Your Work and Personal Life

As we come to the end of 2020, it’s time to reflect on the year and try and take some positives from it. There is no denying that we will never forget this year and the repercussions will be in effect for some time, but this year has certainly given us food for thought.

Alongside our personal lives being somewhat put on hold, our working lives have also changed significantly.

With more time being spent at home, it can be harder to simply clock off from work to enjoy family and downtime, but here are some fabulous suggestions to ensure you manage your work and personal life to the fullest!

How to Manage Your Work and Personal Life

How to manage your work life

Find ways to adapt to Flexible working

After working in a team, it can seem difficult to adjust to life when not surrounded by your colleagues and just people in general. Flexible working has many advantages though, as you have the freedom to work from whatever location you choose.

How to manage your personal life

Take a break from work

When you find your work life taking over, or it is more stressful than you would like, then you definitely need to take a break! Get out there into the great outdoors and breathe in the fresh air! Explore new walking paths, meet up with friends for coffee or lunch or take part in a workout class. Whatever pastime you choose, a break from work will certainly help to recharge your batteries, ensuring you are more motivated when you return to the grindstone.

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular due to flexible working arrangements and also for the sense of belonging that they create. You will also find yourself being more productive when you are surrounded by others who are working on their own projects or for their own businesses. Being able to interact with other likeminded people working in different sectors can allow you to gain insights across different industries and foster greater creativity within your work.

Clock off from work

Know when to clock off

It can be difficult knowing when to clock off from work, but one of the benefits of flexible working is being able to arrange your work schedule around you. Whether you set your working hours and stick to them or mould your work around your most productive times (we’re looking at you, early risers and night owls), you’ll be able to work smarter, not harder. The result? Your working life will not encroach on your personal life and precious family time. 

You will also find yourself becoming more organised within the hours you have allotted to work. You’ll be able to measure your work in terms of output, not just the hours spent writing, designing, emailing or in meetings, which is not often the best indicator of actual productivity.

Make the online move

Make the move online

With our work and personal lives moving more online this year, you may find that face-to-face meetings are few and far between. Video conferencing software such as Zoom help to connect you with colleagues and potential clients, wherever they are based in the world, meaning your work opportunities could be limitless. All you need is a fast, stable internet connection.

Nevertheless, being able to meet in-person has its benefits. Removing the delays and connection problems means you’ll be able to communicate more effectively, as well as being able to properly assess and understand other people’s expressions and body language in a real-world context. It might be the difference between securing that next big client or getting that promotion.

With many flexible working opportunities opening up this year, more workers and employers are seeing the benefits of this way of life. Finding the perfect work/life balance can be difficult at the best of times, though these tips should ensure you manage your work and personal life effectively!

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