Refreshing Your Wardrobe Looks For The New Year

Refreshing Your Wardrobe Looks For The New Year

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It’s important to feel confident in how you dress, but this isn’t always the same as wearing the best or most expensive clothing. Sometimes, the ‘best’ clothing is hard to define in the first place. After all, as long as you’re buying high-quality and ethically sourced fashion, you can’t really ask for more. That said, many of us ensure our wardrobe is stocked with a range of convenient items just in case we need to wear something simple or throw an outfit on without much planning.

Refreshing Your Wardrobe Looks For The New Year

The new year is coming, and that means refreshing your wardrobe ‘looks’ for the new year can be a great idea. Planning your clothing sets need not feel like a chore, it can be fun given the right mindset! It can also save you money, help you look forward to a return to normal life (perhaps more so than usual) and feel prepared for every event

Of course, perhaps the first step is to ensure your wardrobe itself is carefully repaired or maintained. Make sure all the shelving units and the coat racks are in good condition, and we’d also recommend taking out all of your clothes so you can go through it bit by bit. From there, you might decide to do the following

Perfect The Basics

It’s best to perfect the basics in your wardrobe, then you don’t have to worry about being caught out with ‘nothing to wear’, as the basics and most fundamental items in your wardrobe will be enough. For instance, the highest quality t-shirts can still be found at a reasonable price, allowing you to better theme your outfits in a range of ways with enough neutral and fashionable colours and styles underneath it.

This can also work for formal outfits, as having a range of formal trousers and simple shirts can help you put together something relevant and suitable to any professional setting at large. Of course, this even counts if you’re just wearing formal clothes on your torso to stay presentable in professional Zoom meetings – we totally get it.

Refreshing Your Wardrobe Looks For The New Year

Sell Old Items Via Apps

Selling old items and older clothing can help you not only raise more funds for newer purchases, but it might help you find a better place for your old clothes rather than just throwing them out. You might think that no one wishes to wear your old clothes, but you’d be surprised. Well washed and well preserved, people are more than happy to purchase designer clothes from other people from apps like Depop. Here, you can even run your own store and perhaps build up something of an audience.

Furthermore, apps like this can also serve as a great means of showing off your clothes, and of promoting your Instagram at the same time. In this way, you can have fun while making some extra money and freeing up some space in your wardrobe. Of course, you can do this at your own pace, which only makes the tool that much more fun and enjoyable to use.

Try Something New

Fashion is there for you to have fun with. Outside of professional settings and common decency, there really are no rules. You can have as much fun as you like. A new piercing, new club clothes (for when the world returns to normal again), comfortable shoes, tracksuits that show you just want to feel comfortable no matter where you are, all of this can help you feel like you have an outfit for every occasion. It helps you feel comfortable and interested. It makes you feel like you can express yourself without having to conform.

Remember this – if you’re not having fun with fashion, that can be a great sign that refreshing your wardrobe is feeling like more of a chore rather than something to enjoy. You don’t have to perfect it in one day. Take it easy, and take it slowly. You can no doubt find a more comfortable pace here, and you’re much more likely to find items you’d like to wear.

Don’t Be Comfort-Averse

Don’t be comfort-averse. Many people think that comfort and fashion simply cannot go in hand. Not so. Comfortable trousers, clothes that fit you, oversized jumpers, cardigans, all of this can help you feel more comfortable and more put-together. It can be a nice comforting addition for when you just need to relax. 

There’s no need to save your comfortable clothing sets for old clothes that are never that comfortable or feel anything but. Purchasing from handmade stores, picking up odd items on the aforementioned app Depop or simply investing in a fashionable yet comfortable pair of house shoes can give you this comfort in spades, and they’re truly worth investing in. In this sense, you’ll no doubt feel much more comfortable.

Investing In Accessories

If you like wearing accessories or bringing them with you, then it can be nice to refresh them from time to time. It might be that designer bags you purchased years ago have risen in value, and may be worth sitting on longer or selling for a tidy profit.

It could be that your statement watch is ‘out of fashion’ now, and you wish to update with something a little more refined. You may wish to switch out your tragus piercing, or go for a stud in your nose rather than a hoop, or simply consider what accessories are easier for you to wear this season when your fingers are cold and your jewelry gets colder. Accessories are great, because they are rarely dated, but can be combined to help you update your look each and every day. Don’t be afraid to take part in this. For some people, accessorizing for the first time might be a difficult approach. Remember, you don’t have to go overboard. Whatever you find tasteful, enjoyable to wear and comfortable is often the right answer. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Refreshing your wardrobes and accessories

The Wardrobe Itself

Your wardrobe itself can be worth an upgrade from time to time. It might be that investing in having it reupholstered, painted, or taking some of the shelving out to make room for more hanging space could be worth it to you. A wardrobe can seem like something quite basic, just a wooden frame to keep your clothing safe and well-folded/hung. It doesn’t have to be. It can have just as much character as your outfits if you’re willing to upgrade it or pay attention to it from time to time.

What’s working for you? What isn’t? Don’t you have enough space to hold your shoes? Could it be that purchasing a shoe holder to go into the corner of your room, next to the wardrobe, will help you feel comfortable using it each day? These little additions help you curate a room to your specific tastes and standards, and that’s almost always a useful strategy going forward.

Value & Worth

A note on value and worth. You likely know this already, but let us confirm it. You don’t have to wear the best and most expensive clothes to look good. What matters is wearing it with confidence. That’s the true element of what makes an outfit come together properly – how you wear it and the confidence you have. After all, who cares about the value and worth of an outfit, when you are aware of your own value and worth to begin with? That sounds like a healthy self-image to hold, and you’ll be amazed at how prioritising your self-care will help you feel that way.

With this advice, we hope you can refresh your wardrobe looks for the new year in the best possible way.

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