Win A Stirrd Fudge Subscription Box

Win A Stirrd Fudge Subscription Box

It seems fitting to round the year off with a fabulous giveaway and what’s not to love about fudge? Subscription boxes have proved highly popular this year, the perfect treat to send through the post to put a smile on a friend or loved one’s face! Now seems like the perfect time to introduce the Stirrd Fudge Subscription box service in order to keep the fabulous treats flowing!

Win A Stirrd Fudge Subscription Box

Stirrd Christmas Fudge

Stirred by hand in Harrogate to make mouthwateringly tasty fudge treats, Stirrd offer the most amazing letterbox delivery service! Whether you choose from a subscription box of their fudge, brittle, coconut ice, honeycomb or mallow, you will not be disappointed. If you are sending the package as a treat for someone else, you can be reassured that it will delight the intended recipient!

How does a Fudge Subscription Box work?

The team at Stirrd love making new fudge flavour combinations, which ensures that there are always news flavours to try on a monthly basis. Seasonal flavour creations such as Spiced Hot Cross Bun Fudge make for fabulous gifts with a difference!

Stirrd Fudge Nutritional Values

With a selection of three flavours to try each month, your treats arrive in a letterbox sized box, with the added bonus of free delivery!

Stirrd Fudge Flavours for Christmas

The festive flavours for the December box were simply divine, featuring:

  • Mince Pie Fudge
  • Salted Maple Fudge
  • Whisky & Marmalade Fudge

I absolutely love sweet fudge so for me the Salted Maple Fudge is AMAZING! To the point that you simply cannot help but reach for another piece! Mouthwateringly tasty, the delicious handmade fudge sets all your tastebuds on high alert, however all the flavours are amazing!

The three packs each contained 8 segments of yummy fudge in a a resealable pack – kudos to you if you have any left after opening! An information card is included that features all the nutritional information for each of the flavours, which is seriously handy… just try not to check the calorie content!

The fudge packs have fantastic Best Before Dates too (noted on the card) – the end of March 2021 for the Christmas box. So if you feel a little overwhelmed with Christmas treats, you do not have to rush to also eat the fudge… unless you want to!

Stirrd Fudge Subscription Box

Priced at £12.99 for a one off box, subscription boxes start from £10.99 per month to a single payment of £68.99 for 6 months. The Stirrd Classics boxes feature a range of 3 incredible flavours in 3 different boxes – incredible fudges, soft mallows, or crunchy delights. It is well worth checking out the Stirrd site and signing up to their newsletter to keep track of new flavour combinations.

How To Win a Fudge Subscription Box (One Box) from Stirrd

For your chance to win a box of yummy fudge treats featured above, simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog comment below.

A Stirrd Fudge Subscription Box

Enter another Sim’s Life Giveaway!
Win a Crafting Books Bundle worth £45 – ends Sunday 7th February
Win an Active Games Bundle (3 sets to giveaway) – ends Sunday 21st February


Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 24th January 2021.
Giveaway open to UK based entrants
One winning entry we drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 72 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winner will receive 1 x Stirrd subscription box (one box only).
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

Stirrd Fudge Subscription Box

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  1. Peter Watson

    I’m looking forward to laying on a beach on holiday hopefully

  2. peter friston

    Being able to having BBQs with all the family and friends in summer

  3. Helen B

    Getting away somewhere anywhere, we have not had a holiday since 2016 🙁

  4. Christine Williams

    Not having to cut my husband’s and dad’s hair because all the barbers are closed (I actually think I’m stuck with this job forever) Just to clarify – my husband and dad are two different people…..I’m not from Norwich 😉

  5. Charlotte isobelle

    Being able to spend more time with family.

  6. Alice Dixon

    I’m looking forward to our birthdays, hopefully not in lock down this time!

  7. AJS40

    Seeing family and friends

  8. Emma Wolski

    Seeing my mum and family properly again!

    1. Simon TUTTHILL

      Seeing family again

  9. ashleigh allan

    Hopefully more family time and holidays!

  10. claire woods

    A family holiday. Meant to be meeting Jason Donovan at my local theatre.

  11. Alex Fowler

    actually going out and having a normal life!

  12. Laura

    Hopefully moving into a bigger house

  13. Annabel Greaves

    More time with family and friends I have missed in 2020

  14. Neil Perry

    Time with family we have not been able to see since March and then hopefully a real holiday somewhere warm!

  15. darren hay

    going on holiday with my mates!

    1. Claire Hennighan

      After tonight’s announcement, I’m looking forward to enjoying some family time, snuggling up in front of the fire with boardgames, books, and hopefully some delicious fudge There are worse ways to spend the winter.

      1. Jeanette Leighton

        Having a family holiday and the children going back and staying in school

      2. Lucy Carter

        Hopefully a holiday in the summer!

  16. Claire Driver

    Hugging friends and family and going to warmer climes for a holiday

  17. Chris Andrews

    to a summer holiday, fingers crossed

  18. Amy Doyle

    Hopefully getting away with my hubby and kids

  19. Suzanne

    Meeting up with family again.

  20. Chloe F

    Getting outside and going on camping trips with family

  21. maureen findley

    meeting family and adopting a healthier attitude

  22. Emma Jackson

    To be honest, it’s hard to know what we can look forward to. So mostly I look forward to being with my family, visiting friends, eating out and maybe having a small holiday and hope those things will happen x

  23. Rory Longcake

    Going to university in september

  24. Natasha Mairs

    get fit and healthy and making more money with my new craft business

    1. Karl Borowy

      Losing some weight after lockdown

  25. Sheena Batey

    My daughter’s wedding in September

  26. Linda Ford

    I’m really looking forward to a family holiday in 2021!

  27. Lynn Ward

    Spending more time with my family ty x

  28. clair downham

    more normality hopefully

    1. Gaynor Neal

      Wow! I so need this!

  29. Valerie Brown

    Meeting up with family and friends and getting away in the UK in our motorhome

  30. Natalie Charman

    I’m looking forward to sitting in the garden drinking cocktails in the summer.

  31. Marie Smith

    Family birthday parties. My children both had birthdays during lockdown, including a very isolated 21st and a household only 10th.

  32. Kelly Roxanne Smith

    Going on holiday hopefully ❤️❤️ Thanks

  33. Jan Johnson

    a vaccine, seeing my Grandson, getting anew job, going to the theatre, travelling on the tube, getting on a bus

  34. Hannah Lord

    We had to cancel our wedding in May this year, we’ve rebooked for May 2021 but I still don’t know if it can go ahead it’s all very stressful we’ve said either way we will go to a registry office. We won’t stop this virus from getting our happily ever after

    1. Lyndsey cooksey

      I cannot wait to go on holiday again! As well as seeing family of course!

  35. Lauren Abrokwah

    Spending time with my family again, some I haven’t seen for over a year (sister)

  36. justine meyer

    I am looking forward to hopefully visiting my dad in Scotland

  37. Jo Young

    I’m looking forward to seeing my parents again and going on holiday!

  38. Iain maciver

    being with family more

  39. thecatwhisper

    Seeing my friends, going to gigs, the cinema, eating out, travelling. living basically.

  40. Julie Kenny

    I would love a family holiday., all of us together would be wonderful x

  41. Ben Audsley

    no more covid !

  42. Caroline Bourne

    To going on holiday

  43. Tonicha

    Spending time with my family and friends again. I haven’t seen them since March this year!

  44. Tracy Clark

    The thing I am looking to most of all in 2021 is when we get on top of Covid19 and we don’t have to wear any masks when out shopping

  45. Mummyuk86

    I’m looking forward to my sons hopefully being able to see their Nanny and Grandad in person again

  46. mick proctor

    I just want to meet up with friends for a meal out…

  47. Karen Hughes

    I’m looking forward to freedom!! being able to go where I want when I want, and obviously everyone being healthy and covid free.

    1. Samantha Buntain

      Spending time with my loved ones haven’t seen them in forever

  48. Rachel Walsh

    Looking forward to getting out with the kids and a bit more normality!

  49. Lucinda P

    I’m looking forward to spending more time with my parents and my sister

  50. Katherine S

    I’m looking forward to receiving the vaccine, spending more time with my family and friends and being able to go out and about as normal i.e. getting the tube, going to the cinema etc.

  51. sallie burrows

    looking forward to going on an aeroplane

  52. Tracy Nixon

    Losing the weight I put on during lock down!

  53. cat

    Looking forward to the children finishing school and the end of the school run

  54. Dawn Samples

    I’m looking forward to holidays and weekends away x

    1. Rebekah L

      Im looking forward to going out for a meal with family

  55. Elizm

    Taking a holiday somewhere beautiful

  56. TonyG

    Seeing friends more than one at a time

  57. mark richardson


  58. Nigel Soper

    I’m looking forward to vaccination and living life again

  59. Jade P

    Going out and actually doing more! This year has made me realise how much I’m missing out on!

  60. Frances Heaton

    With Covid vaccinations becoming available, I’m looking forward to regaining the freedoms we have lost due to this horrible disease. To be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life – meeting friends and relations, shopping on the High Street and enjoying a meal at a restaurant, are pleasures we will hopefully be able to continue in the new year.
    Happy New Year to everyone!

  61. Paul Green

    Looking forward to Ipswich Town getting relegated to league two

  62. Helen Markham

    Seeing my mum and dad and hopefully a holiday x

  63. Sally

    Ice cream on the beach

  64. Emma

    Hopefully been able to go on holiday

  65. melanie stirling

    I’m looking forward to being able to go on holiday, all being well. I’m also very much looking forward to my eldest son being able to visit me.

  66. Andrea Smith

    I’m looking forward to giving my mum a cuddle when I’m eventually allowed.

  67. Jenna Rothen

    spending time with a family

  68. Faridah Brooker

    My big holiday which was cancelled this year and is rebooked for July.

  69. Pam Gregory

    Socialising with friends!

  70. Cheryl

    Having the vaccine so things can get back to normal

  71. Ss

    Vaccine innit

  72. Tracy Smith

    Being able to go somewhere without planning and without having to check restrictions.

  73. Dana Thaxter

    graduating from uni !

  74. Mary D

    I’m looking forward to seeing my friends face-to-face rather than onscreen and being able to have my hair done.

  75. Debbie Gilbert

    Spring, meeting family and friends and hopefully a holiday

  76. Carole Nott

    I looking forward to a healthy meeting up with my wider family

  77. Kim Neville

    Hopefully our family holiday abroad

  78. Laura Todd

    Looking forward to better & healthier times in 2021 for everyone.

  79. Nathan Hart

    Seeing friends & family more often

  80. Laura Johnson

    Hopefully the holiday that was cancelled in 2020!

  81. chloe

    my birthday on new years day and a better year

  82. Sharon Saunders

    Simple – Hugging my Dad.

  83. Laura Wheatley

    Being healthier and positive <3

  84. Elaine Savage

    Getting my vaccination and feeling safer

  85. Jennifer Toal

    Hopefully going away somewhere

  86. Rebecca Beesley

    seeing grandparents and really would love to be able to go on holiday again as our breaks were cancelled this year.

  87. Christina Palmer

    I am looking forward to spending time with family and friends. I am really missing my Grandchildren.

  88. Helen Tovell

    Being able to see and hug people when I want to

  89. Marycarol

    My sons wedding postponed from June this year

  90. Sare Davies

    Seeing all my friends and family again. Hugs would be amazing too!

  91. Lydia Graham

    Being able to properly start my new business, the launch in 2020 didn’t quite go as planned

  92. Craig L

    Getting back to normal

  93. Ellie Spider

    I’ve booked a holiday to Gibraltar for my mum’s 70th birthday in July and Las Vegas for my 40th birthday in November – I’m hoping they can both go ahead

    1. rachel hockley

      My son’s 7th birthday

  94. William Gould

    We are looking forward to getting out of the house! My wife is shielding and I have been at home with her for 9 months…..

  95. Ann-Marie Downie


  96. A.E. ADKINS

    Leaving the house! Particularly meeting up with family and friends

  97. Harriet

    Appreciating my family

  98. marian fievez

    Holidays and meeting up with friends and family xx

  99. Gareth Dixon

    Having a hair cut that I haven’t done myself !

  100. Joan M Clark

    Having the COVID vaccination and been able to go on holiday and eat in restaurants with friends

  101. Sarah Hamilton

    Holidays with friends and perfecting the victoria sponge cake.

  102. Carly harper

    To getting back to some normality and taking my children to Cornwall ❤

  103. leanne weir

    A nice safe break away

  104. Natalia S

    I am looking toward some freedom – in many senses of this word

  105. Elizabeth

    People finally realising that health is not an end in itself, it’s a means to an end (that end being enjoying life) and that any policy that seeks to prolong existence indefinitely by making life not worth living defeats the object. A political movement emerging that therefore seeks to ban government from ever again committing the sorts of human rights violations we’ve suffered this year. Nuremberg trials to lock up Hancock, Whitty, Ferguson, Vallance, Van Tam and many more politicians and bureaucrats for the crimes against humanity they committed. Getting therapy for the PTSD this year’s atrocities have caused, then hopefully managing a full night’s sleep at a reasonable time without nightmares breaking it up (haven’t managed this in months). And then getting back in the mosh pit.

  106. Ben Knibbs

    Looking forward to to the covid vaccination- evrything after that will fall into place.

  107. michelle o'neill

    hopefully spending more quality time with my husband

  108. Alice Gilkes

    I am looking for to my family and I having the covid vaccine.

  109. David Woolley

    To go on a cruise, another cruise and yet another cruise.

    1. Karl Borowy

      Seeing grandson in the United States

  110. Rosalind Blight

    I am looking forward to continuing cold water swimming and walking. I am looking forward to hopefully some kind of normality returning in all of our lives. I am looking forward to seeing my friends and family more than ever before and I know like many others I will truly cherish every moment that I can spend with them

  111. Margaret Gallagher

    Celebrating dad’s 88th birthday ! Positivity JOY and love each and everyday

  112. Sara Dean

    Spending time with my family

  113. Nina Green

    I’m looking forward to family and friends fun in the garden with the BBQ, swimming pool, good food, good company and loads of laughs!

  114. Bob Clark

    holidays, holidays and more holidays

  115. Louise A

    Going on holiday and having a meal out even if its a takeaway

  116. Ruth Harwood

    Possible medical help with my legs and feet, then the ability to walk without so many meds and pain! I’ve forgotten what that’s like, it’ll be so amazing!

  117. Natalie Burgess

    Going on holiday with my little family xx

  118. Sarah Parker

    meeting up with friends and family

  119. Kelly Jones

    A nice warm relaxing holiday 🙂

  120. Priscilla Stubbs

    My granddaughter’s wedding in May (fingers crossed it can go ahead)

  121. Christopher Michael

    Going on holiday hopefully

  122. Temi Immanuel

    Financial freedom, health, radiance and happiness.

  123. Jan

    Life getting back to normal (hopefully)

  124. Amandeep Sibia

    Just being able to travel again!

  125. H

    Even more family time. 2020 has been a good year in many ways.

  126. Jo Jones

    I am looking forward to being able to huge my family without fear of this dreadful virus

  127. Michelle Smith

    I’m looking forward to the birth of my second grandchild

  128. Fiona Johnstone

    I’m looking forward to going on holiday to somewhere sunny and sitting by a pool with a cool glass of wine in my hand.

  129. Linda Evans

    Seeing friends and family again, going abroad, being able to hug <3

  130. Abbygayle May

    I’m looking forward to going away with my sister who I haven’t seen for so long

  131. Jo m welsh

    Just seeing more of the family would be great .

  132. Rose Janes

    I want to go to Switzerland to see my grandchildren and give them a cuddle.

  133. Richard R

    Hopefully getting some normality back and to get a new job

  134. Julie 18 Ward

    Everyone getting the jab

  135. Tracy Newton

    A family holiday somewhere hot would be absolutely amazing

  136. Kirsty Sparks

    Hopefully being able to travel again

  137. Lee Ritson

    Hopefully things returning to normal and being able to go away for a weekend or see family 🙂

  138. Sally Collingwood

    Looking forward to returning to normal

  139. S Straw

    Starting my first placement as a Student nurse!

  140. Helen Arlow

    I’m looking forward to going to concerts again x

  141. Ellie Wood

    Seeing more friends and family!

  142. Robyn Clarke

    I’m starting my own business, I was on reduced hours for a lot of 2020 and I can’t sit around waiting for change, I am going to be the change! So excited.

  143. Becky Patterson

    going on holiday and seeing my family more

  144. lynn neal

    I am looking forward to lots of time with my grandchildren!

  145. Katie Witherington

    being able to see my family

  146. Mark R

    Looking forward to having friends to visit, and restarting local craft fair

  147. k dunn

    looking forward to big family get togethers, hugs and holidays

  148. Lucy

    Hello, I am looking forward to gardening in the Spring and Summer.

  149. Karen L Stirling

    Getting out the house, meeting up with people and not taking anything for granted.

  150. Billie

    Getting married if I’m back from deployment in time.

  151. Darren Bourne

    I’m looking forward to hopefully getting married and seeing a lot more of my friends and family. It would be amazing not to be so worried everytime I go out anywhere like I currently am.

  152. katrina walsh

    im looking forward to my sons belated graduation celebration

  153. Nadine Holland

    Looking forward to seeing people, eventually and fun and laughter with friends and family (fingers crossed)

  154. Carly Belsey

    Im looking forward to starting my new job in a school.

  155. Adele Knight

    Seeing my family

  156. Rich Tyler

    Being an uncle for first time

  157. Tammy Tudor

    Hopefully finally being able to see some friends

  158. Tina Lawton

    I’m looking forward to the arrival of my baby due in March.

  159. Jenny McClinton

    I’m looking forward to be able to have more hugs and seeing people more.

  160. Declan Fogiel

    Getting on holiday hopefully!

  161. Penny Lane

    Finally lots more time with family!

  162. Karen R

    Schools and universities getting back to normal, when it’s safe to do so. My children’s education is suffering, and it’s stressful for them to cope with xx

  163. Michelle Ferguson

    Hopefully life being just a bit more normal

  164. Christine Robinson

    Spending time with family and friends!


    Being able to go and visit my sisters in Devon

  166. julie winward

    Getting together with all my family

  167. Dale Dow

    My sister’s wedding where I will be chief bridesmaid – that’s if things start going back to normal of course

  168. Lucy

    I’m looking forward to getting fit and healthy and saving some money for a house! Hopefully a holiday too fingers crossed 🙂

  169. Tony Metcalfe

    Getting a haircut, just getting back to something like normal will do me.

  170. Suzanne Croft

    Spending lots of quality time with our pup and visiting friends and relatives

  171. Penny D

    Definitely holidays and spending quality time with my family!

  172. Andy Craig

    Actually seeing family again, and going somewhere that isn’t within a 5 mile radius geographically of where I currently am!

  173. Jessica Powell

    Hopefully being able to go somewhere on holiday this year. x

  174. Lucy robinson

    Getting the vaccine and visiting my family and friends.

  175. Lindsey Stuart

    I am really looking forward to going on a UK holiday with my family (if safe to do so)
    And I am super excited to move house (hopefully)
    Happy New Year.

  176. Hannah h

    Being able to visit family again (sooner the better)

  177. Angela Macdonald

    hopefully getting to see my family in England

  178. holly harmsworth

    I am most looking forward to making wonderful memories with my family. If there is anything last year has taught me it’s to have as many new adventures as you can and live life to the full.

  179. Elizabeth M

    We are hoping to buy our first home

  180. Kay Broomfield

    We are currently searching for our forever home so I’m looking forward to moving in 2021.

  181. Pam Hubbard


  182. Charlotte Carter-Dunn

    I’m looking forward to moving in 2021, hopefully to get a fresh start!

  183. Rebecca King

    We have been saving like crazy so that we can move to a bigger house so hopefully that dream will become a reality this year!!

  184. Joanne Hutchings

    We should be going on holiday in August and I’m really, really hoping it goes ahead.

  185. Tania Atfield

    Getting out kayaking on the water with my dog

  186. Rebecca F

    Being able to do everyday things like sit in a cafe a people watch or catch up with a friend over a meal.

  187. Rebecca Walker

    seeing my family again

  188. Lorna-Jane Holland

    I’m looking forward to hopefully being able to see my family this year!

  189. Sandra Charnley

    Less procrastination, more participation!

  190. Laura Norcop

    Oh god so many things!! Soft play, baby groups, going on holiday, not being scared my dad is going to die, seeing my aunt, my sister coming back from Spain, teaching my eldest to ride a bike, taking a family caving trip, going on an overnight canoe expedition with the kids…all the things!

  191. Danielle Pooley

    Lots of things! Hopefully getting to see family

  192. Dawn

    Cuddling my dad

  193. Ursula Hunt

    Eventually being able to see my grandchildren without restrictions

  194. Laura Finch

    Our eater holiday, if it goes ahead.

  195. Giuliana Britti

    I’m looking forward to being with my family more and if possible going on holiday for a much needed break.

  196. Suan Watts

    The vaccination to get us back to normal

  197. Jane Frampton

    I’m looking forward to being able to give and receive hugs from all my family. Young and old!

  198. bet ferguson

    we have not made many plans, just playing it one day at a time – but, we do have a couple of births due this year x

  199. Nicki Simpson

    I have a 4 month old baby Ophelia and an 8 year old Daphne so I just look forward to spending time with them doing different things when we eventually come out of lockdown

  200. Amy Bondoc

    going on holiday if posible!

  201. pete c

    I’m really looking forward to a holiday we have booked in Majorca

  202. Samantha Davies

    Having a more relaxed time at work and people not being in danger. Roll on sunny weather

  203. Kelly Cooper

    I’m looking forward to losing weight and enjoying the outdoors more.

  204. Christopher Read

    Hopefully to be able to travel to London again and visit friends and family 🙂 Happy new year!

  205. Tricia cowell

    Having normal family get togethers

  206. Tracy Baines

    two things really, I am looking forward to getting back on my feet after breaking my ankle and hopefully looking forward to Covid being behind us rather than in front

  207. Sophie Breeze

    Hopefully having a normal Monday at work with no cancellation emails, having my happy team back again with me and a Monday family meal at the pub again

  208. Lynne Durkin

    Hopefully being able to spend some time over the summer with family also seeing my son and his girlfriend move into their first home together

  209. Kay Sherman

    My daughter turns 16 and my son 13 so excited for them x

  210. Lynne Rielly

    Looking forward to getting the vaccine and getting back to work properly and to something that resembles ‘normal life’.

  211. Patricia Avery

    I’m very much looking forward to having physical contact with my grandchildren again. Skype just isn’t the same

  212. Tabby Caswell

    I’m looking forwards to just being able to go outside and return to normal

  213. nicky Benton

    Im looking forward to qualifying as an aromatherapist.

  214. Gaynor Vincent

    To a holiday and seeing my family – its been too long!

  215. PhilA

    travelling to see my brother

  216. Tiff Jordan

    I’m looking forward to having my family round for a lovely celebration for all the birthdays we spent apart!

  217. Diane Tait

    For there to be a Eurovision Song Contest this year and for us to be able to have friends round to watch it with!

  218. Kate Green

    I’m looking forward to a big party with all our family allowed to be together and being able to do so safely without worrying about everyone’s health

  219. Charmian Filewood

    Redecorating the house, as we have worked all through the lockdowns so not had time to

  220. Leslie Evans

    Been Shielding since Feb 2020 so it will be hugging my Family again if COVID 19 allows.

  221. Nicola France

    being able to celebrate my birthday in April with my family

  222. Francesca H

    Maybe being able to go to gigs again!!

  223. AJ

    I’m hoping things get better and I may be able to safely return to gigs or a nightclub once we get later in the year.

  224. lyla

    I’m looking forward to spring and being able to go outside again x

  225. Ian Morris

    Really looking forward to being able to travel again

  226. steph lovatt

    Hopefully a holiday this year

  227. Maria b

    Having our baby in April!

  228. Angela Kelly

    I’m looking forward to the end of lockdown – I miss my pupils!


    I’m looking forward to leisure venues opening again, as I miss going out and seeing friends

  230. April Phillips

    I’m hoping in 2021 it will be possible to buy my first home as covid put everything on hold.

  231. Rennene Hartland

    I’m looking forward to it being a better year than last and getting to finally get to spend some time with my family and friends

  232. Ellen Stafford

    Hopefully visiting our caravan down in Weymouth!

  233. Scott Fallon

    I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends again

  234. Helen Jones

    I’m looking forward to hugging my grandchildren

  235. Laura banks

    my son turns 18 this year

  236. soozybee

    Hopefully moving house

  237. Paul Johnston

    We had hoped to go the Tromso in the Arctic Circle in Norway in august but that’s only 50-50 at the moment due to COVID. Fingers crossed.

  238. Tilly Mummery

    Hopefully, I’ll be able to move house! 🙂

  239. G

    Seeing my family and opening our Christmas presents and going to the pub and seeing friends

  240. Catherine S

    I’m looking forward to planning out and planting this year’s vegetable garden

  241. Joanne smith

    I’m looking forward to travelling again

  242. Phil Read

    Seeing my Granddaughter.

  243. Anne Nelmes

    Spending time in the countryside and other places of interest with family

  244. Alison Johnson

    My new granddaugter who is due in February xx

  245. Isabell Whitenstall

    I am hoping to be able to go shopping and choosing my groceries myself. I would also like to go on holiday with my grandchildren.

  246. Nicola Godfrey

    I’m going to give my nephew the biggest hug ever! X

  247. Yasmin0147

    I’m looking forward to being a bit healthier and less stressed

  248. Lorraine Williams

    Looking forward to having a long overdue get together with family and friends.

  249. Carolyn Corrin

    I am looking forward to spending time with my son who I haven’t seen in a long time due to covid restrictions.

  250. lisa crossthwaite

    im looking forward to spending time with my family more

  251. Kristyn Harris

    I am looking forward to being able to safely hug my Mum!

  252. Ellie Spider

    just hanging out with my friends really

  253. Fiona jk42

    I am looking forward to this pandemic being over so I can go and visit my daughter and granddaughter.

  254. Mrs Rita Nardone

    The end of Covid and life getting back to normal – being able to see my kids, family and friends

  255. Tracy

    Going on holiday for a proper rest as I have worked all the way through lockdown.

  256. Lyndsey cooksey

    I’m looking forward to going on holiday this year! I do miss my camping in North Wales with my family.

  257. Deborah Preston

    Meeting up with friends and celebrating birthdays

  258. Lea Mavin

    Meeting friends for coffee and meals out

  259. Debi Newman

    Hopefully a holiday

  260. Lindsey loughtman

    Hosting my famous pizza and gin night with all the family round!

  261. Carolyn E

    End of the pandemic, seeing all my family and then leaving them all to go on an extended holiday

  262. EThomas

    Taking each day as it comes in 2021 but I’d love to see my friends and spend some more time with them this year if possible.

  263. Janet Robertson

    Going on holiday and being able to see my sister properly instead of from behind a window

  264. Victoria Prince

    Being able to go to the shops again! Having not been out since March I am sooo fed up of having to rely on other people

  265. Caron Twyman

    Seeing my family and friends

  266. Angie Jackson

    hopefully getting to celebrate our anniversary properly, our holiday for our first anniversary was cancelled so fingers crossed for 2021!

  267. Anthea Holloway

    I am really looking forward to the end of this Pandemic and being able to see my family once again. The grandchildren are growing up so fast and I and my husband are missing them so much. It would ve lovely also to go out with my friends again.

  268. Jess Wright

    The end of the Pandemic!!

  269. Lilian W

    Playing in the snow, yeah I did, I am

  270. Shannon Wilson

    I’m looking forward to making lots of memories and keeping track of them all in my scrapbook which I hope to keep up with this year!

  271. Jenny Prest

    Seeing spending timr with family. I’m definitely ready for the summer now too.

  272. Samantha M

    I look forward to hopefully seeing my family again. And I can’t wait for summer to be able to sit in parks and relax with a book outside.

  273. Steph W

    To everything going back to normal

  274. Cloo

    I just want to be able to see my partner again and get out of lockdown

  275. Jo Glasspool

    To be able to see my friends and family again.

  276. Charlie Larby

    Going to the pub and eating out with friends!

  277. Philip Hall

    I’m looking forward to spring and being able to go outside again

  278. Emma England

    I’m looking forward to meeting up with all my friends and my family. We also have a family holiday booked for 2021 which hopefully won’t be cancelled.

  279. Donna W

    I’m looking forward to so much!! Spending loads of times with friends and loved ones, travelling to beautiful places, taking the kids to the zoo, catching up on missed birthday & engagement celebrations, Christmas dinner with all the family, going to the shops without having to cover our faces, not feeling restricted…..I just hope and pray we get to experience some of these things we’ve always taken for granted this year.

  280. Caroline Signey

    A 3 night caravan family break in

  281. Jill

    Spending time with family and friends

  282. Sarah Lambert

    I’m looking forward to spending time with family and visiting my Dad up north

  283. Kellie McIntyre

    Id love a holiday more than anything if Im honest!

  284. Paul Brown

    all having the vacine and a family blowout

  285. Kelly Wheelhouse

    I’m looking forward to my baby boy’s first birthday and hopefully going on the family holiday that was cancelled last year 🙂

  286. James Travis

    Being able to go to the football again.

  287. Christine Watson

    I am looking forward to living a healthier lifestyle, good food, walking, exercise.

  288. Rachael Sexey

    Hopefully a holiday

  289. Tina H

    I’m looking forward to the birth of my first baby in July.

  290. Sarah Fielding

    I would love to go to a festival this year!


    grandaughter is 18 this year and will hopefully be able to take her driving test

  292. paul jackson

    going on my first holiday abroad for 16 years


    I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends again

  294. Kas Grant

    My children’s birthdays

  295. Natalie Ellis

    Getting married

  296. Adrian Bold

    I’m hoping that we finally all get on top of Covid and we can get back to our lives and meet people again.

  297. donna l jones

    hopefully seeing my grandchildren

  298. Barbara Bunning

    Meeting up with friends for lunch and a coffee x

  299. Leanne


  300. Jessica Ratnayake

    Hopefully going to Latin America for my year abroad (if COVID allows me!)

  301. Cheryl

    Walking barefoot on a beach

  302. Matthew Sinclair

    Hopefully a lot more mountain walking trips

  303. Patricia Barrett

    I’m missing a good pub carvery and meals out.

  304. Mike I

    I’m looking forward to spending time with my friends

  305. claire gray

    I am so much looking forward to seeing my family again!

  306. Helen

    I’m looking forward to hopefully being able to see my Mum this year!

  307. Jeanette Swift

    Probably like the majority of people which is spend quality time with all the family with lovely days out.

  308. Rennene Hartland

    Getting lots of cuddles from my family and friends

  309. Jennifer Rhymer

    Moving house! Going to be closer to family so when we’re out of lockdown and we’re settled in our new home I will get to see more of them, can’t wait! x

  310. Eva Lorraine Appleby

    I am looking forward to visiting my children and grandchildren

  311. Nicola Norris

    Im looking forward to be able to take some time off from working on the front line and getting to spend some time with my kids and hopefully taking them away somewhere that we can explore and make memories.

  312. Laura Hayes

    I am looking forward to seeing my friends and my kids having play dates

  313. Danielle Spencer

    Hopefully we’ll be able to see our nieces and nephews again!

  314. Angela Morgan

    Just being allowed to go anywhere

  315. Nicola Sadler

    I’m looking forward to seeing my family and friends and going on holiday for ice cream and fun!

  316. Keith Hunt

    Going back to Iceland on holiday

  317. Laura Green

    I cant wait to see my great auntie. She turned 100 last year and couldnt see her 🙁

  318. Elizabeth G

    Being able to see my Mum regularly, and have her to stay.

  319. kim white

    Having the vaccine, seeing all the grandchildren and fingers crossed for a holiday in the sun.

  320. Angie McDonald

    I’m looking forward to hopefully being able to see my family more later on in the year

  321. Adelle Wilde

    Some normality! Schools reopening, holidays, meeting friends and family, days out

  322. Jennifer Thorp

    Gryphon concert and going morris dancing

  323. Charlotte F

    Looking forward to going out for meals with friends!

  324. Jo Nichol

    Having my baby and learning how to be a Mum!

  325. Gretel L

    Graduating from university and hopefully going away to celebrate!

  326. Sheri Darby

    I’m looking forward to doing all the things I used to do in 2019

  327. Carol Phile

    Going to the seaside

  328. Ross Leech

    The vaccine and hopefully a bit of travel when things are better.

  329. Victoria Bazley

    I’m looking forward to the spring and summer and seeing new life and nature.

  330. Lorraine Tinsley

    Just being able to go and see my parents and have dinner with them

  331. Dobbin

    Having the freedom to drive to the north of Scotland!

  332. Mel Turner

    A family holiday

  333. karen

    I really would love to be able to visit my family

  334. Anneka Davies

    Hopefully being able to spend time with my family ❤

  335. Elaine Stokes

    going to visit my family, and meeting up with my friends

  336. Laura Pritchard

    My 40th birthday and hopefully a holiday at some point!

  337. Mark Johnson

    A summer holiday – warm evening alfresco dining

  338. Karen B

    A picnic at the coast

  339. Kim M

    Seeing my daughter and gardening in the lovely warm weather x

  340. Marrian

    I’m looking forward to summer and the warm weather.

  341. Sarah McIlvenny

    Gardening and growing my own veg.

  342. James Holyland

    Better weather

  343. Rachel Low

    I am looking forward to hopefully being able to fly to New Zealand and see my family and friends, especially can’t wait to cuddle my Mama!

  344. Charlotte Hoskins

    Being able to see family and friends when I like <3

  345. Phil Bowell

    Seeing my Mum and Dad again

  346. Benjamin Borowy

    I’m looking forward to spending time with my friends again

  347. Chirag Patel

    freedom, holiday and normality

  348. Laura Corrall

    I am really looking forward to picnics in the park with friends and family.

  349. Sarah Sims

    I’m looking forward to my cousins wedding!

  350. Julia Kerr

    I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing people again! I’ve not seen anyone in 19 months (no immune system, was recovering from sepsis and then Covid started)

  351. Maddy

    Being vaccinated so I can get out and about safely

  352. Jennie Stallard


  353. Michelle Blane

    Getting back to normal and visiting my mum.

  354. PhillW

    Staying healthy and doing everything I can to stay safe and help protect the NHS.

  355. Amanda Kahs

    Hopefully being able to go out and visit places again, and see my family

  356. Jessica R.

    Being able to visit my family abroad, my son misses his grandparents!

  357. Peter Bush

    For when we can once again go back to normality, see family and friends and not be weary of everything we do outside of the home

  358. Christine Hobbs

    Not wearing face coverings. I hate that friends family and strangers cannot see my smile and I cannot see theirs x

  359. laura stewart

    looking forward to seeing my mum xx

  360. Vicki Reis

    Hugging family members I haven’t seen for almost a year

  361. Lauren W

    Being able to see family and friends

  362. Anna Brown

    Days out at the beach

  363. Margaret Clarkson

    My friend visiting me from Southampton, she is hoping it will be safe to visit later in the year.

  364. Gill

    Establishing my new allotment and planting up my new garden.

  365. Denise Walton

    Hugging my grandchildren and seeing them on their birthdays

  366. sharon martin

    being able to see my granddaughter

  367. Emma davison

    Being able to get out and about more

  368. Laura love

    I am looking forward to seeing friends and family whenever we like

  369. Carolynn Woodland

    Looking forward to the time when everyone has been vaccinated and we can begin to enjoy socialising and travelling again.

  370. Alex McKay

    Im looking forward to attending my brothers wedding in 2021.

  371. Jennifer Toal

    Hugging my parents

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