Our Best Moments of 2020

Our Best Moments of 2020

It’s odd to look back on 2020 with any fondness, but despite all the dark clouds, confusion and challenges we all faced, there were some good times throughout the year. The best moments of 2020 are something to remember and cherish as they definitely outweigh the darkest times throughout the year.

I hardly dare say I could see something happening! I spent many an hour in Jenny from The Brick Castle‘s kitchen at the start of the year wading through tweets from passengers stuck on cruise ships… remember them? However nothing could have prepared us all for the year that never truly was.

Our Best Moments of 2020

January – March 2020

Starting the 2020 filled with positivity and ideas, my Goals for 2020 post was quite generic in the sense of writing more personal posts, maintaining the sites and reading more books. I state I would like to read more each year, but time never seems to be on my side. Little did I know, it was the year that the majority of those goals would actually be fulfilled!

January blog posts also featured a very non socially distanced Boots 70% sale write up, the excitement of the usual rush and scrum to see what is left is a distant memory for 2021!

Saltburn visit in 2020

Liv and I managed a trip to Saltburn by the Sea at the end of January and it was a great excuse to visit family in the area. The North East coastline is quite spectacular and we were grateful of our last beach visit for a while!

Say yes to more events was a goal mentioned on that list and as I wrote up my highlights of the Pandora blogger event I attended at the end of 2019, I had no idea that it would be one of my last for a while! Liv and I still managed to fit in a fabulous Croma restaurant Manchester review in over the February half term.

Visiting Croma Manchester in the half term

I was able to meet up with friends for some treat meals and gossip sessions. A trip to Bella Italia at the Reebok was one of the last times I saw the fabulous Jane from A Little Lyrical, the countdown is on until we can go on our next geocaching adventure!

March was when it all went a little Pete Tong and life as we knew it was cruelly whipped away from us. Lockdown number 1 started with the simple message: Do Stay In – Don’t Go Out. It was also when I started featuring our weekly updates, a reminder of the madness, but also a great way to document the best moments. Week One – Eat The Cake was aptly named as it seemed the right thing to do! Everyone was stockpiling pasta, toilet rolls, rice and comfort food such as cake and biscuits. Cake was going to get us through this, right?

April – June 2020

Well no. By this point, cake was never going to get us through the Coronavirus however, it certainly helped relieve the boredom!

Lockdown cake 2020

Our weekly posts mainly detailed what we had been baking (cake mixes were a time saver!), the fabulous community book swap hamper we found and our new fondness of crafting. Whether we were finding out how to make face masks or completing jigsaws, the range of activities was endless. I even started crocheting again and quickly amassed a wide range of coloured wool. At the point of writing this post, I have lost track of the number of blankets I have made, but can still only crochet in a straight line! Liv thoroughly enjoyed crafting too, making scrunchies, pom poms, painted canvases. It really was the year when crafting took over and subscription boxes were the perfect treat!

Totty Snake Stones

We enjoyed getting out on many walks whilst the weather was great. Our local community came together by adding painted stones in a snake formation, even making the news with it! I believe at the point that it was all cemented into place, our local painted rock snake had beaten the Guinness World Record!

July – September 2020

Liv’s time at primary school came to an abrupt halt at the start of lockdown really. With no SATS to sit, it was almost as if the school forgot about their current year 6 students… and that was it. Fortunately, we had been working at home in order to making the transition to starting secondary school in September a little easier.

Sunny day in Llandudno

To celebrate the end of primary school and the end of the first lockdown, Liv and I took a mini break to Wales to enjoy some time away. The weather was absolutely glorious and whilst there were some restrictions in place, it actually felt like we were away on a ‘normal’ holiday.

Beaches in Wales

Looking at that picture, we could have been anywhere, but we were definitely in Wales where we also met up with Karen from Missing Sleep and her family!

The Summer Holidays flew by in a blur of not knowing what day it was which made it all the more fun! I quickly became addicted to reality TV shows in the Real Housewives series. Under normal circumstances reality TV shows make me cringe, but when the world is going to pot, they make for the best escapism ever. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough – who knew watching middle aged women bicker over the most mundane things could so so entertaining!

Origami Swans

September started in a haze of origami creations and sporting activities as Liv fully immersed herself in secondary school life. I think we both let out a collective sigh of relief as life, in some respects, seemed to get back to normal.

October – December 2020

Once again, life came to an unexpected halt as another lockdown came in and all after school activities stopped. It really did seem that 2020 was emulating Dementors from Harry Potter and literally sucking out our souls.

Marks and Spencer Christmas Bauble

It was hard to get in the mood for Christmas, however as I had started compiling the annual Sim’s Life Christmas Gift Guide, I had no choice but to grin and bear it! Buying our new annual Christmas bauble from M&S lifted spirits and the countdown had begun.

Autumn walk down The Lines

Autumn paved the way for gorgeous photography opportunities and even more excuses for getting out and about for walks down our favourite walking path. Returning home to snuggle up with Christmas movies, hot chocolates and crochet blankets was absolute bliss!

Keto cauliflower cheese

I decided to hop onto Keto in the run up to Christmas as I wanted to enjoy the holidays without feeling like I was going to explode from eating cake! It was divine and I loved being back in the flow of the lifestyle, feeling better in myself whilst enjoying omelettes and my Keto cauliflower cheese with chicken roasts.

Christmas Eve treats

Alongside our usual Christmas Eve box, I also ordered some tasty treats from a local baker. I absolutely love how lockdown has allowed creativity to roam free and I am more than happy to help out the local community where I can. For sure, shopping in local independent stores (when open!) is a great way to give back.

The year starts with my birthday and ends with Liv’s birthday. The timings aren’t exactly ideal, having a birthday at Christmas is never fun, which is why I try and make Liv’s day as special as I can. This year called for something even more awesome…

Liv's Birthday Treats

It only seemed fair to order some beautiful cake treats for her birthday from Treats and Eats UK, if you live in the Manchester area, they are well worth checking out!

2020 was one heck of a year, there really are no words to explain it. I’m grateful for the blog in the sense I was able to record down what we did and how we got through the craziness. It will always be there to look back on and remember, not that we will forget in a hurry!

Thank you to all the fabulous brands that I worked with throughout the year on reviews, posts and giveaways – there were some awesome giveaways last year and I hope to bring you more again in 2021! Lastly, thank you to all the Sim’s Life readers, those of you who actually read my posts, it means a lot!

Here’s to 2021… we’ve got this!

Sim x

Our Best Moments of 2020



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  1. Samantha Donnelly

    What a lovely post, I have been looking back at my posts from last year, and just how different things were to how they are now. No matter what we are going through now it will get better and we will get through this. How different will our memories of this year look (hopefully) a reverse of last year

    1. S1m

      Thanks Samantha and totally! We have to keep remaining positive about all this… it sounds mad to look back on last year and take any positives, but there were lots. We may be somewhat greyer right now, but memories were made!x

  2. Claire Lomax

    OK First day of the new year diet and all I want are those yummy treats at the end of this post.

    I know this year has been a rubbish one but it seems like actually you had some really wonderful moments x x

    1. S1m

      I wish I could eat them again myself! 😉 It actually has! I’ve kept the crappy stuff out, no-one wants to hear about that anyway. Blogging is a great wa to remember the positives, as just looking back generally, is was a ridiculously pants year! Hope you are ok love x

      1. Claire Lomax

        Yes getting there. although yesterday’s announcement changes EVERYTHING! Again!

  3. Rebecca Smith

    Such a lovely look back on what was a crazy year! Who would have known this time last year what we could expect to happen?

  4. Mellissa Williams

    You must have some patience crocheting! It’s great to look back on the previous year at the start of a new one. Love how positive you have been. It’s been such a hard year for some

  5. Rhian Westbury

    It’s so nice to reminisce over the year, even though it wasn’t how we’d expect it to be. I don’t think I went to any blogging events at the start of 2020, but I did a few restaurant things which was nice x

  6. Karen Langridge

    Such a lovely post. Catching up with you was definitely a highlight for us too! I am hanging on to each nice memory from the summer to keep me going through this particularly tricky stage! My tummy is growling looking at all the fab food pictures. I am struggling without all the naughty goodies at the moment. 2021 is the year I am having a portion of your cauliflower cheese its on my to do list, plus am sure the boys will want to be introduced to Treats and Eats! x

  7. Anosa

    You are right, it’s hard to look at 2020 with fondness but there was a lot of good that happened last year and this is a lovely idea.

  8. Jenny @thebrickcastle

    Awwww. It really does seem like a hundred years ago that we were sat looking at cruise ship disasters. I never thought we’d be here now though. Next Summer missus, we’ll get that fire pit going 🙂
    Those lollipops really are amazing…

  9. Lisa | Handmade in Israel

    What a great post! It’s so nice to see that you did make some memories in 2020. I love those painted rocks!

  10. Stephanie 139a

    Love this post – for all its faults there were good points in 2020 – thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

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