What Plants are Safe for Your Pets?

What Plants are Safe for Your Pets?

Adding plants to your home really can have so many health and wellbeing benfits, however if you have pets, you really should look into the types of plants you wish to have first.

Some plants are dangerous for pets, so make sure you research fully before you go shopping for indoor plants. Below is a small list of the plants that are safe for your pets.

What Plants are Safe for Your Pets?

What plants are safe for your pets? Gloxonia


If you want a beautiful indoor plant that is safe for your cat or dog choose a Gloxinia. The Gloxinia is a stunning blood red flowering plant originally from Brazil. Due to its impressive colour and vibrancy this plant is a favourite for Mother’s day and Valentine’s day. 

The Gloxinia is certified as safe for pets, but it’s not always easy to look after for beginners. The plant is native to Brazil and requires indirect sunlight and constant moisture to thrive. Still, if you want a rare flowering plant in your home that isn’t harmful to your cat, the Gloxinia is perfect. 

African Violet 

The African Violet is native to the African continent, it has small Violet flowers surrounded by greed shrubbery. This house plant enlivens the home with colour and interest, its unique colour stands out nicely against other plants and complements them simultaneously. 

This lively colourful houseplant is also certified as safe for pets, including cats and dogs. If your pet loves to chew on your plants you don’t need to worry about them getting ill with this plant, keep them safe with this African Violet. The plant is also good for beginners to look after as it favours conditions much like our own, that is dry temperate conditions and moderate sunlight. 

Baby Tears 

Baby Tears is a very common indoor plant, it is made up of tiny green leaves all bunched together. Baby Tears is a creeper plant that looks good on its own, but it can also complement the plants around it by fling the space with its shrub-like presence. 

Baby Tears are also certified as safe for pets, you can safely include Baby Tears on your window sill, in your hanging baskets, or on your mantelpiece. Baby Tears is an easy plant to keep and prevents your pet dog from digging into the planter. 

Are banana plants safe for pets?

Banana Plants

Banana Plants have giant green leaves that bring a sense of presence to your home. If you have a banana plant in your home it will always draw the eye and add some interest. The giant green leaves are also excellent at taking carbon out of the air and replacing it with oxygen. 

Banana Plants are safe for all pets which is great news if you’re a lover of both plants and pets. For a banana plant to thrive it will require rich soil, plenty of light, and regular watering to mimic its natural habitat. 

Spider Plants 

The Spider Plant is probably one of the best known and most loved house plants. It not only looks interesting in the home with its long spider-like leaves  it has other benefits too that you will love, especially if you have pets

The Spider Plant is not only certified as safe for pets but it can survive easily in most conditions. Even in low light and with little water the spider plant can outlive most other houseplants. However, just because it is a hardy plant doesn’t mean you should forget about it. 

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