4 Informative Podcasts For New Mothers

4 Informative Podcasts For New Mothers

Preparing to be a new mother can be a daunting time. You’re likely bursting with emotions, from excitement to anxiety. Learning about parenting is one of the best ways to ease your worries, and get to grips with the journey ahead. For a few informative and engaging podcasts, check out these four informative podcasts for new mothers.

4 Informative Podcasts For New Mothers

1 . The Motherkind Podcast 

The Motherkind Podcast podcast is hosted and created by Zoe Blaskey, coach and founder at Motherkind. It’s a podcast all about navigating the challenges of motherhood, in our fast-paced and modern world. Here you’ll get to listen to discussions of motherhood from some of the best wellbeing teachers out there. In every episode, Zoe is joined by a new self-development teacher. You’ll find tips on staying calm during a toddler meltdown and reducing anxiety. Episodes cover content such as ‘how to profoundly connect with your child’, and ‘finding joy in the mundane.’

  1. Scummy Mummies 

Scummy Mummies calls itself a podcast for ‘less-than-perfect parents’. The podcast is created and hosted by comedians Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn. Throughout each episode they discuss a huge range of different topics, bringing both humor and expert information along the way. Let’s face it, parenthood can be pretty stressful! If you’re sick of feeling worried and want to learn while having a few laughs, this is the podcast for you.

4 Informative Podcasts For New Mothers

  1. Pregnancy Podcast

Vanessa Merten experienced plenty of anxiety throughout her own pregnancy, and so she decided to create this podcast, to support expectant mothers and their partners on their new journey. Here you’ll find information on many topics including exercising while pregnant, traveling while pregnant, and the right foods to eat. Vanessa covers material such as what to look for in a prenatal vitamin, pregnancy changes, pregnancy loss, and social distancing with your new baby. 

There’s so much to think about during this stage whether it’s choosing the best Double Baby Strollers, or coping with sleep deprivation! With the help of the Pregnancy Podcast, you’ll get all the answers you could dream of.

  1. Happy Mum, Happy Baby

Here is a podcast brought to you by Giovanna Fletcher, (author of the book of the same name). For insightful discussions of motherhood, and interviews with high profile parents, this is the podcast you need. Here you’ll learn lots about motherhood, whether it’s children’s nutrition, education, mental health, or inspiring stories. Sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration to get you feeling ready! Recent guests have included the likes of Joe Wicks, Samantha Carreon, Liv Thorne, and Sally Phillips. Whether you want to support your child’s social skills or encourage a love of reading, you’ll get lots of tips.

When you’re expecting a baby it can be helpful to start a journal. Using a journal is a great way to reflect on your emotions, keep track of what you are learning, and express gratitude for this profound experience. Whether it’s a paper or digital journal, remember to reflect on your successes and positive discoveries.

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