Can You Move House During Lockdown?

Can You Move House During Lockdown?

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Lockdown is upon us again and with it a whole host of questions as to what we can and cannot do.
Yes, you can still go out of your house, especially for some exercise in your local area. However, before you jump in your car, ask yourself if it is actually a necessary journey! You can still go to the shops – when I say shops, I mean the supermarket or B&Q in your local area, as pretty much everything else is closed.

It really is a sad state of affairs, but in my view, totally necessary. Everyone wants to get out and about and enjoy their lives and if this is what is needed in the short term, then I’m sure we can all adhere to the guidelines, so we call all finally get to enjoy what 2021 holds!

As for more pertinent questions such as ‘Can you move house during lockdown?‘, the answer is a rather odd yes! Let’s have a look at more details about this…

Can You Move House During Lockdown?

Can you move house during lockdown?

Rather bizzarely, out of all the things you cannot do during lockdown, you can actually move house! Whilst it is advised to carry out virtual viewings, which will require you to really open up your mind and creativity when virtually wandering through your potential new home, the property market is actually remaining open.

Getting a mortgage during lockdown

Applying for a mortgage can be a real minefield, as which type you apply for depends on your current and future circumstances. Seeking advise from a mortgage broker, especially at the current time really is the best option. Though in the meantime, checking out an online mortgage calculator will give you rough view of what you would be able to borrow. A mortgage is a huge financial commitment to make, so arming yourself with information by researching the difference between all the mortgages available and gauging what would suit you best, alongside saving money for your deposit will all stand you in better position.

How to safely view a house during lockdown

Whilst it is advised to view houses virtually, there will come a time when you need to actually physically have a wander around the property so you can get a better feel for it. Having friends who moved during the first lockdown, I know it is not an easy task, however it can be done.

Going on a house viewing during lockdown

As the seller, ensure you tidy and clean all of your property, keep it is clean and clutter free as you can for viewings. Open windows before, during and after viewings to ensure a good circulation of air around your home. It may be well advised to ensure hand washing facilities and a clean, different set of towels are available for people viewing your home. In fact, having paper towels available would be an ideal, cheaper and easier option!

As the viewer, make sure you wear a mask at all times and social distance yourself from anyone you may come into contact with. Use some antibacterial hand gel before entering the property and upon exiting too. Do not to take the whole family with you, there really is no point and you would only be putting people at unnecessary risk. Try not to touch any surfaces in the home, if you feel you may, then it would be a great idea to wear plastic gloves which can easily be disposed of when you are away from the property.

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