2021 Project 365 Week 1 – And So It All Begins Again

2021 Project 365 Week 1 – And So It All Begins Again

A new year starts, with much renewed vigour of what it has in store. Though when the clock struck midnight and 2020 turned over the baton to 2021, there was no denying we all kinda knew what was going to happen. Here we are in the midst of a Lockdown number 3 and any optimism for 2021 I had left has disappeared. And so it all begins again…

I will say though, that the past few weeks without being woken by an alarm on a daily basis have been wonderful! Christmas was quite and chilled, those two weeks off were just what we needed! So what have we been up to this last week? Images maybe a tad thin on the ground, but bear with!

2021 Project 365 Week 1 – And So It All Begins Again

The weekend

Birthday biscuits

It is alwasy anti-climatic when Christmas is over, but this last Christmas especially so. Liv’s birthday falls between Christmas and New Year which can make it slightly difficult to organise, especially when it comes to special cakes. Fortunately I found a fabulous local lady who bakes the most beautiful cakesicles and biscuits who was able to make them in time

A walk in the country

With Liv now home and belated birthday celebrations over, it was time to get some fresh air before the craziness once again started. Our usual walk is so beautiful throughout the changing seasons. Whilst we haven’t had the amount of snow others have experienced, the dusting we did have was great for photography purposes!

And so it all begins again... Rudolph Reindeer Tree

We again walked by the Rudolph tree featured in a recent Project 366 post, this time taken from another angle. It is still putting a smile on faces!


Liv cracked on with her normal school day but via Teams online learning. It’s not the same as actually being in the classroom with the teacher and friends, but it keeps her in a routine and on track.

I was able to finally write up and feature Our Best Moments of 2020 post. It sounds crazy to think there were any positives from last year, however the annual post is a tradition and look back over posts, there were actually lots of good times which should be remembered! One of the benefits of being a blogger and noting down things we do!


A nice little surprise in the post today! We received all of Liv’s assessment papers from school today that need to be completed as homework.


Another day of work, work, work for both Liv and I.


I was able to nip to Aldi for our weekly shop whilst Liv was completing one of her online lessons. Expecting to find the store quiet, imagine my surprise when it was only ever so slightly less busy than normal. An hour after arriving home and snow started to fall, only a little coating but I was super grateful to have filled the fridge as we are due more according to the weather reports!


The mounds of snow expected never actually arrived.

By this point of the week, my shoulders are down and I am absolutely knackered, as is Liv and motivation is down. We are rather enjoying watching The Office USA version and it has proved invaluable for a source of laughter. Can you imagine ‘Michael Scott’ as your boss?

Ferrero Rocher waffle

It would have been rude not to have a little treat to end the week on! Yummy Ferrero Rocher waffles for the win!


Wandering tree

Depite it being a foggy day, we took a walk out to get some fresh air and unwind from the week. It was also a great excuse to take some ilandscape images for an upcoming Art project. This tree makes for a particularly awsome image – with branches having a mind of their own, it makes for a rather enchanting entrance to the next section of the walk.

What did you get up to in the first week of January?

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2021 Project 365 Week 1 And so it begins again


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This Post Has 16 Comments

  1. Kim Carberry

    Ohh! Happy belated birthday to Liv. I hope she had a wonderful day. Those cakes do look fab.
    Eesh! Everyone seems to have had snow but us. hehehe It is so pretty.
    That waffle looks amazing! x

  2. Mellissa Williams

    Not a lot, walked, did work from home, walked some more. It’s hard keeping positive in a lockdown but we have the sea at the end of my street so we are very lucky

  3. Claire Lomax

    And just like that, we are right back in this chaos hey! I can’t get over how busy the shops are. I wish I could get an online delivery slot because I could never leave the house again!!

    Have a good week x x

  4. Valerie

    I was recovering from knee surgery all week. I would love to do a project 365 series but just know I’d miss a week and then feel really bad.

  5. Yeah Foodie

    I can’t believe we are in lockdown again. Luckily for us, just like you the walks has been so scenic and beautiful thanks to the snow. Totally loving your Ferrero Rocher Waffles

  6. Rhian Westbury

    I felt like it was a bit anti climatic after Christmas as well, I took down my decorations a little earlier than normal. I was back at work as normal on 4th and I enjoy the routine and having something to do each day. Other than that I’ve not been up to much x

  7. Anosa

    Happy Belated birthday Liv, having a birthday around the holidays is tough. Lockdown #30 is annoying but necessary and wasn’t shocked when it was announced.

  8. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Hope Liv had a nice birthday. I love those cakesicles and Ferrero Rocher waffles sound very yummy. Looks like you have some beautiful places for your walks. #project365

  9. Galina V

    Happy belated birthday to Liv! Those cake pops look very pretty. Ferrero Rocher waffles sound delicious.
    Beautiful snowy landscape. We had such a pathetic amount, nothing to boast about at all. My son wanted to build a snowman but we couldn’t find enough snow. 🙂
    The shops are super busy here too.

  10. Fozia S

    Aww happy belated birthday! Those cakesicles look amazing!!
    And I could do with the Ferroro Rocher waffle now! Need a treat!

    We get told we get snow but just got a light fluttering that didn’t even settle

  11. Mudpie Fridays

    We have not had any snow much to the boy’s disappointment! I love the cakes and biscuits and hope that she had a lovely birthday. I must admit I am grateful that we have the posts we can look back on. Otherwise, I think I would have thought 2020 a complete washout but actually, we had a lot of lovely moments. Wishing you lots of lovely moments in 2021

  12. Emma T

    Ooh those waffles sound good. I’ve never seen cakesicles, they look great and worth a try to make. The snow looks lovely. We only saw a tiny bit and that was plenty. Everywhere is supposedly still busy round by us too although we’ve not been anywhere. I need to take my car out for a drive though as it’s not moved for nearly 2 weeks!

  13. Jane - Our Little Escapades

    Those cakes are amazing! And that Ferrero Rocher waffle I need one of those in my life. I love the Rudolph tree. My husband does our Aldi run he tries to avoid the weekend and he said it was packed in the week #365

  14. Shahira

    Happy New Year. It does look like a new year yet everything is the same sort.
    The nature trail photos are amazing! Looking forward to joining your project 365 journey

  15. loopyloulaura

    Only a dusting of snow for us 🙁 Can’t believe we’re in lockdown again with so little notice! #project365

  16. Kara Guppy

    We never get snow here and the kids are desperate for some, if only a light dusting. Hope Olivia enjoyed her birthday, despite being in lockdown. I am trying to find some special bits for Eliza’s next week

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