Cry Me A River…

Cheap Wine I’ve gone and done it again, I’m clearly never happy with my lot and have kicked yet another puppy. (Not literally of course, I am an animal lover!!) At school, I was a cheeky little minx and had a new boyfriend every 24 hours, my parents couldn’t keep up with the different boys phoning on [...] Flip on over to read more posts →

The Sim Is Back, Baby!

20140322_122538 Big up y’all peeps!! The Sim is back in da house and is planning on causing mayhem! That is correct… I have been AWOL from blogging recently, quite frankly because I just haven’t been arsed… arsed with anything. The big ‘G’ stripping my PR aided in me losing my mojo. Getting out of bed most [...] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Flip on over to read more posts →