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It’s all about Sim’s Life! Welcome to our ickle ‘About Us’ page – read on to find out how to work with us at Sim’s Life!

I started writing on the Sim’s Life blog back in 2010 as a way to document my journey as a mum and to connect with other parents. Back then it really was just a hobby, with a few reviews thrown in here and there.

Over the years, Sim’s Life has evolved into an established blog, featuring information on travel, business, weight loss, Keto, family life and so much more.


About Sim's Life

Mum to a beautiful 13 year old daughter, we reside in Manchester and having been a blogging family for over 10 years! Sim’s Life has evolved so much over the years and we are always excited to work on new projects and campaigns.

Content we like to feature on Sim’s Life:

  • Keto – anything Keto related – food and tips
  • Fitness
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Beauty and skincare – especially skincare products or gadgets relating to teenage skin
  • Recipes
  • Food and Drink – I follow the Keto lifestyle, though we are always happy to review any food and drink. Except celery!
  • Gadgets & Games suitable for 14 years +
  • Getting Out and About – we are huge fans of geocaching, especially in the North West!
  • Travel – we are always open to staycation opportunities in the UK!
  • Camping – something to take me out of my comfort zone!
  • Home Improvement & Decorating – this is not my favourite chore, but I will do it!

We are always open to new opportunities, so feel free to say hello at:

by Sim

Sim is the dynamic force behind Sim's Life, a testament to her decade-long journey in the blogging world. As a mother to a teenager, she brings a genuine and relatable perspective to the challenges and joys of parenting. Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through her role as a successful small business owner, further enriching her content with real-world experiences. Sim's authority is not just confined to one platform; she is the proud owner of several established blogs, each showcasing her expertise in lifestyle and parenting topics. Her dedication to providing valuable, insightful content is evident in every post, making her a trusted voice in the online community. Find out more About Sim's Life here.

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