5 Ways to Make Money From Home Now

5 Ways to Make Money From Home Now

Working from home has become a reality to many of us, others have been doing it for years and have been loving every second of it. I’ve got to say it – working from home is great! Less time commuting, more time being productive plus, I can always stay in bed for a little bit longer. It’s simply fantastic! I’m always looking for new ways to make money from home and I’m sure that I’m not the only one, so today I’m going to share some great ways to make some extra money from the comfort of your couch.

5 Ways to Make Money From Home

  1. Sell your products online. 

Turn your hobby into a money-making business by selling your handmade goods online – whether you enjoy making unique plant pots or knitting sweaters, there is a place for your business online. Perhaps you don’t make anything yourself but would like to sell something that your friend makes or a company that makes products that you love, you can become a retailer for them.

Ad Lab, a Magento eCommerce agency in London UK recommend creating an eye-catching, modern and user-friendly website for your online store in order to attract customers and generate more sales. The team at Ad Lab has created hundreds of websites and many of them are award-winning, so they have the experience and expertise when it comes to website design – check out Ad Lab’s award-winning websites at awwwards.com.

Ways to make money from home

After creating a stunning website, it’s time to start improving your store’s online visibility to make sure it reaches as many people as possible. Ad Lab recommends making the most out of Google Ads to promote your new online store and products. Ad Lab is a certified Google Partner, meaning that they know the ins and outs of Google Ads and you can learn them too! You can complete all Google Ads training for free at Google Skillshop.

  1. Start a blog and monetise it. 

Fashion and Style Police recently published a blog post about all ways to make money from your blog, including affiliate marketing, running ads and partnering with brands for sponsorships. You can easily start a blog as a hobby to talk about your favourite things, share your ideas and meet other bloggers and then, slowly make your way towards monetising it. There are plenty of ways how to make a passive income from blogging, taking the pressure off slightly.

  1. Promote virtual services.

“Do you know busy professionals who could use a helping hand to organise their schedule? Or perhaps you know a family who needs some help tutoring their children? If you know anyone that you feel like you could give a helping hand, why not sell them what you can offer?” asks A Beautiful Space in a recent blog post.

There are plenty of services that you can offer to help businesses and individuals online. From social media managing and photography to translation and teaching your native language. Simply figure out what type of service you could offer others and start promoting it!

Use social media to make money from home

  1. Take advantage of social media.

If you have a large following on a social media platform, companies may reach out to you to promote their products and partner with them for special promotions. Lylia Rose mentions that “if you have great engagement on your posts and people trust your recommendations then you have worth to a brand.”

So, even if you have a small to medium following but have great engagement and audience, you can contact companies and pitch them your ideas.

  1. Make a podcast that pays. 

As Forbes puts it in this article, “podcasts are red-hot”. Podcasts are trendy and there are many ways to make money from a podcast. Plus, you can start one no matter where you are in the world, “all you really need is a laptop and a good microphone” as Forbes explains.

Plus, podcasts are also great to increase your brand’s visibility and drive traffic to your social media or online store. The team at Ad Lab highly recommends joining podcasts to get people talking about your brand and/or business – check out James Sinclair business podcast with Ad Lab’s director David Newman where they talk about growing businesses online.

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